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Eleven Sports

Eleven Sports increased its database by 80k+ new records in 1 year through Fan engagement activities.

ELEVEN Sports delivers thousands of hours of live sport & entertainment to fans around the world, through a network of regional channels and the global streaming service. Besides broadcasting sports games, Eleven Sports wants to interact with Belgian sports fans in a creative and innovative way. For that reason, we launched a number of engagement campaigns for fans, and with success... Eleven Sports has expanded its database with 80,000 records. Want to know how? read it in our case study.


World Championship Volleyball

How do you start the conversation and how can you really create a high level of interest for your sport with the younger generation?

After the Olympic Games in 1928 and the UEFA Euro 2000, the Volleyball World Championship for women was the third largest sporting event ever organised in the Netherlands. With a television audience of more than two billion people and 125,000 fans coming to watch a total of 60 matches in three Dutch cities, the World Championship has also been a huge catalyst for social integration, sustainability and innovation. But for any sport, reaching out to and engaging with the next generation of fans is a ongoing challenge.


Royal Dutch Hiking Association

From 58,000 members to one million walking fans: The digital transformation of KWBN

The Royal Dutch Hiking Federation has 58,000 members and more than 1,000 member organisations which organise 1,500 events annually. Some 300,000 unique visitors participate in these events, but that’s just a fraction of the 10.5 million total number of walkers in the Netherlands. Do you want to know how Sports Cloud helped he Royal Dutch Hiking Federation during this transition? Read it in our case study.


Team Jumbo-Visma

How Team Jumbo-Visma increased their e-commerce revenue by 450% in 3 years.

Team Jumbo-Visma is one of the largest, best-known and most successful sports teams in the Netherlands. With more than half a million cycling fans and fifty thousand skating fans on social media, Team Jumbo-Visma is a solid sports brand with a large following of supporters.

Team Jumbo-Visma's main challenge was to learn more about their cycling and skating fans in order to become more personal and relevant for both fans and partners. Read in our case study how Techonomy Sports & Data helped Team Jumo-Visma with a solid data strategy to grow their sales results exponentially

Team Jumbo-Visma Case Study


Can esports & gaming be used as a recruitment strategy to connect with an unreachable

technical target audience? That’s possible!

As a corporate brand, how do you connect with a hard-to-find and critical target audience?

An audience you desperately need: the BËTA-students (Science, Technology, Engineering &

Mathematics). Deloitte approached Sports Cloud with this challenge, and as an solution, we

developed a campaign with Deloitte in which the words "journey", "experience" and, of

course, "gaming" had to be highlighted.

Team Jumbo-Visma Case Study

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