What we do

Real digital impact is achieved by creating a delicate balance between (fan) data, technology choices, interactive engagement formats, automation and result-driven campaigns.

Our roadmap approach focusses on 7 steps that each will deliver significant value creation. Completing the roadmap can be done in a step-by-step way, whenever your organisation is ready to take the next leap forward.


Optimising and centralising data management

Data is often fragmented in different silos. As an organisation you must determine which data is valuable to achieve your goals. This data must be centralised to extract insights and activate your commercial channels. Identify which types of data are relevant (performance data, ticketing, finance, external party data, digital profiles, merchandise, OTT, social media, behaviour data, campaign performance, etc.).

We have extensive experience in building bespoke Data Management Platforms to enable seamless data flow from your existing systems. Centralising all this data will immediately result in higher conversion rates in marketing/sales.

centraliseren data

(Re)design of the marketing campaign infrastructure

Your marketing campaign infrastructure is your offensive frontline. Within this infrastructure you drive your results – better targeting, personalised marketing and easy access to your fanbase. The connection of your marketing campaign infrastructure together with your data infrastructure represents your technology ecosystem. Connecting the dots perfectly will lead to a reduction in your labour costs and an increase in the frequency and quality of engagement with your customers and stakeholders.

marketing infrastructuur

Building deeper fan profiles – who they are… what they do… and what they want!

Most sport and entertainment organisations own and collect data, such as name, address, and contact details. The key to real marketing and business success is to enrich your fanbase with more emotional and behavioural data points that will deliver deeper customer insights. What are their shopping preferences, their leisure interests, their favourite players or teams and what does their digital (social media) behaviour tell us about them? Designing your technology stack and data collection infrastructure so that more data about your customers and fans is collected, will allow for behavioural targeting and further growth of your customer and fanbase.

fan profielen

Upscaling value creation through marketing automation processes

Marketing and communication in the digital age is all about personalisation. But with millions of people to be spoken to individually, this cannot be achieved with old-school marketing practices. It is critical to have a deep understanding about the principles and techniques of automating personalised marketing. Data must be directed to flow from one tool into the other and can be triggered by predetermined digital touchpoints. This will result in automatic customer journey management and it will improve the scalability of your business.

marketing automations

Apply real-time dashboard insights – predictive analysis

The data volume in your organisation is often very sizable and differs in regard to source and type of data. For rapid decision-making it is crucial to make data accessible for the different departments and professionals that depend on information. Visualisation of the data into real-time dashboards will result in optimisation of speed and quality of decision making. It also forms the basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven predictive analysis.


Adding gamification & loyalty formats to your content

Engagement is the key value driver in growing your market share. You must create attractive formats in which you are able to continuously connect with customers and your fanbase. This is no longer a one-way street of sending content that you created. Today fans want to connect, share, create, influence, be part of a community, interact and play as part of the relationship with your organisation. This is where the buzz of gamification enters the equation.

You need to create formats which both engage your fans and enrich data to create sustainable engagement. Gamification techniques will allow you to engage with fans in a way that goes beyond a customer relationship. It will result in an additional layer of customer insights, a deepening of your fanbase and it will allow you to create new and unique opportunities to increase value for commercial partners and sponsors.


Optimise design of B2C and B2B lead funnels

Now that you have the complete chain of digital marketing in place, it is time to fully commercialise all your assets. Based on all your data and technology infrastructure you can now optimise each sales funnel. Whether it is a fan, a sponsor, a government stakeholder or a business partner, optimising the funnel will result in increase of sales leads and transactions, especially in regard to ticket and merchandise sales, sponsor value enhancement and e-commerce performance.